Best Game Controllers

inconspicuous box right here contains a portable game console that is a full fledged PC with Windows. This is the GPD WIN2. Now to be clear, this is the light prototype, so the final version will have some fit and finish differences, but it should give us a good look at what this guy is actually going to be like when it goes on sale. Yo! It looks like a little laptop! Wow! (laughs) This is so cool! So if you guys remember last year, we did a video on the world’s smallest laptop at the time, which is also made by GPD. Well this actually takes a lot of cues from that, but it actually has pretty much a full Xbox controller built in, in addition to a tiny keyboard. I’ve gotta say, the hardware feels surprisingly solid.

So it’s all metal and- actually is that metal? (taps) Oh yeah this is definitely metal. Man! This is very unusual, there’s all kinds of weird buttons and ports, there’s a full size USB port on the back of your tiny game console. So in addition to a slot for the SSD, you will also see the tiny fan. Now what separates this from something like that GPD laptop that we took a look at last year, is this has a proper core processor, now mind you, its a low wattage core M3, but still, it actually should be enough to play some decent games. There’s a pretty wide variety of ports, including a USB type C, which can also be used for charging, a headphone jack, a full size USB 3.0, Micro SD, we have a Micro HDMI, as well as we have three sets of shoulder buttons. Take a look inside the WIN 2 and you’ll see it’s a pretty interesting little device. So in addition to having a pair of joysticks, you also get a D-Pad as well as your standard X, Y, A, and B buttons, there’s a little toggle here that will switch between mouse input as well as just turning it into a game controller.

But even on the keyboard there’s some specific options, including the Xbox buttons, select, start, you can even use the arrow keys as well as the WASD. Now is it a good idea for you to set your tiny little laptop portable console thing up, and use it with a mouse and this tiny keyboard? No, that’s not a good idea at all. But you have the USB port so, you can do it. So while I might not sound impressive with a six inch 720p display, it actually does make sense considering that the fairly limited power of the actual computer… Or, game console? What do I call this? Do I call this a computer, you think? I mean, it runs Windows. It’s a computer, right? – [Man] Handheld PC. – Handheld PC. Coming back! 2018! The year of handheld PCs. Do you hear that? That’s the sound… of portable power!