Bingo Terminology – Glossary of Terms Part I

Bingo is considered as a “soft” gambling game and since it is so common, bingo fans have developed a personal language exclusively for the game.

Here are some of the most common phrases and terms used in bingo halls and in online bingo sites:

Admission – Used to describe an entitled entry to a bingo hall or to participate in a bingo game.

Admission Packet – It is a packet of bingo tickets used to get an admission. Usually in the admission packet there are three to six bingo cards, which vary among bingo halls.

After Game – The game played after the last round of a bingo session.

Ball Gate – A part of the bingo machine, from which the bingo pass to the playing field.

Ball Lifter – The device used to lift the ball from the playfield.

Ball Runway – The path in which the ball id lifted up to enter the ball shooter.

Ball Shooter – The mechanism loaded needle with a rubber edge used to pull the ball into the playfield zone.

Bingo Booklets – A set of colored bingo tickets, played color by color. They are attached together, thus the meaning “booklet”.

Bingo Card – A card full of 24 numbered places and one open place (clean). There are five rows, and each row is assigned with a letter, from “B” to “O” (B-I-N-G-O). In each row there is a set of random numbers. In the “B” row there are the numbers from 1-15. “I”:16-30, “N”:31-45, “G”:46-60, “O”:61-75. In the middle of the “N” row there is a blank space.

Bingo Marker – A marker used to mark drawn numbers.

Bonanza Bingo – A bingo variation, in which the numbers are draw before the session and who ever reach a “blackout” wins instantly. It is usually played as the 13 session in bingo halls. If no player wins than more numbers are then drawn. Notice that the rules of Bonanza vary among bingo halls.

Blackout – A game system in which you must cover up all the number of the bingo ticket in order to win.

Breakopen – A multiply card with perforated breakopen marks. The game play zone of the card is covered to conceal a numbers, letters or symbols; some of which have been chosen previously as award winners.

Buy-In – See “Admission Packet”.

Caller – The employee of the bingo hall in charge of announcing the raffled numbers.

Cash-In-Prize – A bingo game in which the payouts are cash.

Casino Night – A period of time, this usually starts afternoon and ends in the late hours of the night. In this event a bingo organization is allowed to operate casino games, such as bingo, roulette, poker and so on.

Consolation Prize – It is a prize(s) given if no winner is announced, usually played in special bingo variations.

Coverall– Another term for “blackout”.


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