Bingo Terminology – Glossary of Terms Part II

Dauber – The only pens aloud in bingo halls, used to mark drawn numbers. A variety of them in various colors are purchasable in any bingo hall.

Early Bird Game – a “warm up”, meaning the first session of bingo.

Face – A term used to describe a bingo card.

Flimsy – Multiply bingo cards, printed on one sheet of thin paper. Usually cost $1-$2 and the payout on special games are bigger than the session’s normal prizes.

Free Space – The center four-sided figure of the bingo ticket, meaning the middle square.

Game Board – A visual model of the game where drawn numbers are marked thus making them visible to anyone in the hall.

G.T.I – It is an electric dauber used to mark more than one bingo card.

Hall Ball – The first raffled and announced numbers.

Hard Card – A bingo card pattern which is printed on cardboard material. It is combined with shutters to cover up drawn numbers.

Hardway – A term used to describe a winning of card without the use of the free space. There could be more than one Hardway.

Inside Square – Another pattern but this time the player must mark the squares surrounding the middle square, meaning the free space, and the “I” and “G” and “N” rows as well.

Inlaid Card – It is a printed card, laid into a table, and discs are used to cover up the numbers as they are being drawn.

Instant Bingo – A bingo pattern which is needed to be complete in order to win the offered prizes.

Jackpot – A relatively big award, granted by completing a specific and rare pattern.

Late Night Bingo/Moonlight Bingo – A bingo session that starts late in the evening.

Lucky Jar – A jar packed with cash, which is to be won if a “special” number is drawn by the caller. If the caller announce the number by mistake it is also won he mistaken and announce it. It is usually the first number drawn in the session. Notice that money is added while the session progress and it is played almost only on regular bingo games.

Money Ball – It is a number which is raffled in the beginning of the game and inserted back. If later on you win with the help of that number then your prize is doubled, hence “money ball”.

Multiply Winners – If more than one player wins the jackpot, if so the money is equally divided among the winners

Mushroom – A name for a display of bingo displays, usually it has six to eight positions for players.

Rainbow Cards – Bingo cards which are varied by colors. These cards are used to play for more prizes in the same time. The value of the prize rise with the color of the ticket and from high to low they are: Tan, green, red and blue.

On – A term used to describe a player who lacks one space on his card, which he needs in order to win.

On The Way – A game played before the blackout, on the same bingo card.

Outside Square – It is a pattern in which a player must fill the B and C row and top and bottom rows all in order to win.


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