Multiplayer Pinball?

Show your love for your favorite Universal Pictures franchises with a slew of new tables from the likes of ET, Back to the Future, and Jaws. Not only will there be more tables to choose from, FX3 also provides you with a more engaging multiplayer pinball experience. Trade high scores with friends in the asynchronous competitive multiplayer or show your mettle in the game’s various tournaments. It also marks the first backward compatible title, letting you bring out your FX2 purchases for no additional price. Get cracking on those leaderboards. It has a PlayScore of 7.76. – RECORD 6. The Elder Scrolls: Legends Teaming up with Dire Wolf Digital, Bethesda jumps on the collectible card game bandwagon by bringing their flagship medieval fantasy RPG onto the digital tabletop. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will be glad to see their favorite creatures represented as render powerful attacks in kinetic card form. For more quality gameplay follow to thois website.

Craft your personalized deck of up to 70 cards and bring the tides of battle to your side with each shrewd hand. Witness the inexorable power of wit as you unfold the story of the Forgotten Hero in the land Cyrodiil. While it’s not the open world RPG that you’re used to, you’ll be glad to know Legends is still chock full of the mighty Dragons, crafty khajits, and fearless warriors that Tamriel is known for. It has a PlayScore of 7.76. – RECORD 5. Fallout Shelter What started as a mere marketing strategy for the then-upcoming Fallout 4 title turned out to be a stellar success for the Bethesda team. Become the overseer your own vault, and turn the desolate conditions into a thriving, self-sufficient economy. Create the perfect balance of work, life, and fun as you rebuild the population from a handful of hopeful survivors. Find their ideal jobs, and optimize their skill sets to bring efficiency to their humble abode.

Of course, the post-apocalypse isn’t all colas and rainbows. Face the dangers of Deathclaws and lots of lots of roaches by strengthening your forces and scavenging the nuclear deserts. Bringing it’s own brand of post-apocalyptic enjoyment, it’s an addictive and cheerfully casual fallout game for everyone to enjoy. It has a PlayScore of 7.9. 4. Atlas Reactor Another turn-based title to satisfy your tactical whims. But, this is no ordinary game of tactics. Spotting weakness in the usually slow gameplay of the genre, Atlas Reactor shifts it all to high gear with this fast-paced twist on turn-based combat. Form your team of four Atlas freelancers and prepare for a battle of brains and brawns. Lay down your strategies in decision mode, and watch them play out simultaneously in an explosive resolution mode. It’s a psychological arena that requires you to think ahead. Figure out your opponents moves, react accordingly, and hope you don’t miss. Now on it’s 5th season, the game is only growing to greater heights with brand new freelancers and rewards. It’s the multiplayer XCOM you’ve been waiting for and it has a PlayScore of 7.97.