Poker Night in America. A Toast To Good Fortune

From Thunder Valley Resort in Lincoln, California, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat swing music) Welcome to Poker Night in America. I am Chris Hanson. This guy’s the pride of eastern Connecticut. It’s Joe Stapleton. Well we’re back at Thunder Valley in Sacramento, California and the question of the day is, can Phil Hellmuth keep up his winning ways?

– We promise to answer that question and at least one more important question from each and every one of you at some point today. – Excuse me, I have a important question. Right over here.

Uh, are we gonna start the poker soon? – Soon, yes. But first, a chip count.

– At the Mayfair, you would deal yourself– – [Phil] But the Mayfair closed in ’92 maybe. – No. No, not even close, Phil.

– [Chris] We continue day number one here at Thunder Valley. A couple of new players are sitting down and they are Rep Porter and Bart Hanson. Bart is already down 13,000 for the day.

He’s gotta turn that around. – [Joe] Someone who doesn’t have to turn things around is Phil Hellmuth Jr. He wants to stay right where he’s at. – [Chris] And before you even get into it, Bart Hanson is not my brother. – [Joe] Your brother Tad’s still running around, though, right?

[Chris] Tad is still here, yeah. Unless someone locked him in a janitor’s closet, which is totally possible. – [Joe] Phil Hellmuth just tried to claim that they closed the Mayfair Club in 1992. I think the Mayfair Club just told Phil that they closed in 1992.

They went strong for many years after that. – [Chris] So again, a couple of big hands. And Scott Ball heading to the flop.

Oh, this is a cooler already. Two pair for Scott Ball but Bart Hanson has flopped a set of jacks. – [Joe] This is a sicker cooler than the one they keep Walt Disney’s head in. – [Chris] 600, the bet from Ball. – [Joe] (laughs) Ball.

How does Bart handle this? – Nineteen. – [Chris] So now back to Scott Ball. – [Joe] If Bart Hanson’s training site teaches you to run like this, then sign me the heck up. – Do I miss a toast?

– No, we can.. – [Chris] Chose to call. Front ball. – Thank you for that, thank you. I got the next one.

[Player] You know that Bill hasn’t come yet. Probably all gonna show up together. – [Chris] Four of hearts.

So that would put a possible flush out there. Scott checks to the last aggressor. That heart may help Scott. One of the hands Scott was beating on the flop was a heart draw. Now he is no longer.

– [Joe] I’m curious how much Scott is willing to pay off here and I bet Bart’s wondering the same thing. – [Hanson] Is that 23? – [Joe] 2,300.

A little less than half the pot, good sizing. (players talking) – Set of jacks. – Really? – [Chris] Scott does pay it off.

Got the great turn card again, Phil. – [Joe] Cannot believe how cold that deck was. Wow. – Where’s the pot? I just wanna make a toast to, win or lose, I think we’re all very lucky to be able to sit here and play this game for this kind of money, so.

– [Chris] Well said, well said. Grij emotional, look at this. – [Joe] There’s more coming. – [Chris] It’s getting real, everyone, or as I like to call her, the Pinot Grigio monster. Well that’s a nice start for Bart Hanson with a set of jacks there to win a big pot, to try to get himself back to zero, and start working on making a profit.

– [Joe] I thought maybe hell, I thought I’mma get a stack of those pink chips with the worst hand. – [Chris] Uh oh. Scott Ball’s trying to get it back by straddling this hand. – An extra one right here. – [Joe] And we’ve limped in.

– [Chris] Big one for Phil, Bart a glimpse here. (everyone talking at once) – [Joe] Mike Ross, limpy limpy. Rep Porter! – [Mike] Nope, it’s gonna get more expensive. – Why? – There’s a lot of money out there.

Everyone might fold. – [Joe] No one’s gonna fold, Rep. Okay, not no one, but definitely not everyone. – I’m going to bet, are we watching the same game?

– [Chris] Chances of Phil folding are zero. Cos, he wins, so he has something. If he raise, and not re-raise, then he might have folded. – [Joe] Alright, so you worked it down to two opponents. Bart’s hand wasn’t great but he might think that’s he’s got a close flop edge against these two in position, and he has flopped a draw.

Hellmuth has flopped the best with second pair. He knows Rep’s likely to continue with his entire range, so I think Phil’s gonna call it a pair. – [Maria] I love how Maglev comes over every few hours, and just shouts us things from the rail, like. – Like liven it up? – Like liven it up.

– [Chris] Phil can’t fold a pair! – [Joe] His underwear, just ask his wife. But seriously, he shouldn’t fold this pair either. – In two more bottles it’ll be alive I’m sure. – It’s been pretty, I feel like there’s been some play I’d characterize as live.

– 850. – You know the good part about this pot is someone’s paying for the champagne. – It’s true.

– [Joe] Bart’s getting (drowned out by table chatter). Price to call and try to hit his draw. His pairs might even be live. – Some of our engineers at Twitch were texting me, and they were like, wow, how is there so many big pots in this game?

– [Chris] Hanson calls, we’re gonna see the turn. – [Joe] And Bart, it’s a straight, do the Bartman, do the Bartman. – [Chris] Eat my shorts.

– Lorrie did it the smart way, she just gets it all in on a flip, pretty much doubles her money, but more than that, because she satellited in, and then she just, trounces. Total reroll. And wins a huge flip. – Yeah?

– [Chris] She won it. – [Joe] I’d like to slow play this, but there are tons of rivers he won’t love. – [Maria] That’s the way to do it, just get in a flip, win, leave. – When I fourbet her, I had a big ace. I had a big suited ace– – [Chris] 2600 from Bart Hanson. – Yeah, totally.

Especially cos she just double up if she’s not trying, like she wouldn’t put it in with anything less than like- – [Mike] There’s my horse on the rail. You’re on the rail, that’s bad. – [Chris] Back to Hellmuth.

– [Guy] Oh, alright. – [Joe] Hellmuth’s got a pair, but he’s also got diamonds and a gut shot, looks like he’s gonna try and draw down, like Marshal Raylan Givens. Pistols at dawn.

– [Chris] He’s gonna have to get there on the river. This pot almost at 10k. – [Joe] His gut shot is dead, however, like most of the guys that face off against Marshal Raylan Givens. – You know who this is?

This guy doesn’t make mistakes like that. – [Chris] It doesn’t matter cos he misses everything anyway. Bart has got to love this, he’s got the nuts. Nothing to be scared of. 7k is a big bet to pay off, with just a pair of nines, and Hellmuth lets it go.

– Time to show. – [Bart] Time to show, buddy. – [Phil] Oh yes, show, yeah. – What was your hand? – Nine, seven of diamonds. – [Chris] And just like that after starting the evening losing money, now Bart’s back in the winning.

– You gotta buy the champagne. – We gotta reimburse Scott there. (players talking) – Alright, my babies, we gotta pay the bills, which means a short break, but we will be right back, with more Poker Night in America.

– [Chris] For more from Poker Night visit or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. Welcome back to Poker Night in America from Thunder Valley in Sacramento, California. – Less talky, more poker-y.

All he has is derive pleasure from the Patriots losing. – [Joe] Everyone derives pleasure from the Patriots losing, unless you’re a jerk. – It’s so much fun, we went to a Dallas game, the second game of the last. – That (mumble) through, in interception– – [Chris] Ace ten of clubs for Scott Ball. We were just so fine, we were just talking about that.

– Nice, 300. – Yeah, it was for raising, the straddle from Rep Porter. – What are you doing, you’re playing so tight all of a sudden. – So tight! – [Joe] Looks like Bart’s gonna reraise. – [Chris] You gotta have it to raise it, there buddy.

– [Joe] He does with king nine suited. – [Maria] I still like my spot though. – [Joe] Look at you, Scott Ball, reaching for the big chips! That’s a fourbet! – [Chris] He raises it all the way to 2500. – [Joe] Might be time for Bart to ditch this.

– Didn’t he just win something? I saw him online or something. – He’s been racing Lochte and his mates, and he’s been winning. – [Joe] I had a great Ryan Lochte joke but somebody stole it from me at gunpoint. – [Chris] That’s the American legend, or American hero right there. – [Joe] He’s a hero.

I thought Brian Rass was on the final table. – [Chris] Bart Hanson really wants to win the hand right here, he raises now back to 6100. – [Joe] I obviously forgot about that as a move. – No, he’s out of the high roller. – Wanna bet? – I’ll bet you he’s not in the high roller.

– [Joe] Think this last shove from Bart might be the winning one. – Alright, well, I won’t bet on that, – [Chris] Ace, 10 all of a sudden, gets really small. – She still in? – [Joe] I mean. – Have they started today? – [Mike] Oh, maybe they didn’t start.

Ari’s the chip leader. – [Joe] We know Scott’s got the best hand, and he probably doesn’t feel too great about it at this point, and ditches it. – [Chris] Go Bart Hanson! – [Joe] You sure you don’t wanna claim him as your brother, cos that was a pretty sick move. – [Chris] If I receive some of that money I might take him in.

Bart Hanson now straddling on this hand, Mike Ross gonna be first to act. – [Scott] I don’t know anything about football, I just know I started liking it again this year a lot. – [Joe] Much like Scott Ball, I don’t know much about football either, but I love the fact that there’s such a thing as the cuddle. – [Chris] It’s the huddle, with an H. The huddle. – [Joe] I don’t know, I think it’s tomayto, tomahto the way we’re pronouncing it. – Hard to say too much.

– [Joe] The chuddle. – [Phil] I watched at least three games this Sunday, at least. – [Joe] Sick brag. – [Phil] Between Sunday and Monday probably four games.

But I go through ’em in 35 minutes, you can, you know. – [Joe] King queen versus 10 nine versus the old seven deuce, and nine seven suited. – The DirectTV thing that fast forwards exactly 30 seconds? So the guy had gone, boom, now it’s snapped, the guy, boom.

I can do 35 minutes, which is– – [Mike] But for Patriots games, so they go so quick, it’s too, 30 seconds is too much. – The worst used to be Manning. Like he would snap every 15 seconds, and– – [Joe] Scott betting his up and down draw.

This could be inviting a raise from pocket queens. – [Mike] That thing was 20, 25 seconds, it would be perfect. – [Joe] Especially if there’s some callers in between. Let’s see how Mike Ross decides to handle it.

– NFL package, they play them on– – [Joe] Ross did raise, my man! – I record two games, I’ll get up at 12:15, I’ll start at 12:20, I’ll fast forward through, then I’ll record some late games. I’ll watch one game in 35 minutes, start the other, and then– – [Chris] Oh man this is fascinating stuff Phil, please tell us more about how long you watch stuff for. – Could just flip between channels, like the slam– – [Chris] Shh, Rep, don’t ruin it! He’s telling a story, Rep. – But then you miss place. – [Joe] We got the Ball call.

– [Mike] I had to buy their Up package to get it to the– – [Chris] Here we go again, it’s $700 on fire instead of 2100. – [Joe] Not their football yet. Ross checks to Ball, gives him a free card. Boom, seven, dirty!

Score one for Scotty too hotty. – [Chris] 1900 the bet, now back to Scott Ball. – Don’t you open up that window. – [Joe] This is a great spot for Scott, other than the fact that Phil Hellmuth is singing into his ear. You get bet into when you’ve got the nuts, (Joe sings incomprehensibly) – [Chris] And here comes Scott Ball, not just calling, but raising large. – [Joe] I think this is a pretty clearcut fold, I mean obviously I can see the hole cards, but still, Scott Ball isn’t a complete whackjob yet, and Ross isn’t beating any legitimate hands Scott would raise with.

– [Mike] I was hoping you didn’t do that. – I try to do the weird stuff sometimes. That way Bart knows he can fivebet me with king nine.

– It’s a tough fold. I don’t wanna make. – [Joe] Believe me, I know how hard it is to ditch the ladies, but sometimes they’re just no good. – You did say I was probably ahead on the flop, to be fair.

– I feel like you have some nonsense like jack eight of diamonds, or something like that. – Do I play that kind of crap? – I feel like there’s a jack and an eight in your hand, just letting you know. – [Joe] See plus look how chirpy Scott is too, it’s hard to have this much fun when you’re scared you’re gonna get called. – [Mike] I was hoping you’d just call the 1900.

That was the object there. – Don’t wanna get frisky, Mike. – [Mike] Yeah. You wanted to get frisky. – [Joe] Scott. Stop talking.

Stat. STAHP. Stahp. – I’m always in line when I do this, right? Always have it. – [Mike] You know I have an over pair, obviously.

– [Scott] Actually, I didn’t know that, but. – Yeah, you knew that. – [Joe] Possibly a nine and 10 in your hand, sure, you check the turn, of course you can. – [Chris] Nine 10 it is.

– [Joe] Nine 10 for sure. – [Chris] 100%. – [Joe] 100%. – [Chris] Always nine 10, for this. – [Joe] Always a nine 10, good fold.

– [Chris] If I were in that pot I would have read it that way. – [Joe] Oh, if you were in that pot you would’ve gotten him to fold the nuts I’m sure. – Hellmuth is still in the winner’s column, and they’re only a few hands left. Can he hold on and book a W? – I’m just picturing one of those posters, from Denis office, with the cat hanging from the tree, and it’s like, hang in there, baby, Fry is coming. But instead of the cat it’s Phil Hellmuth, and the tree is money.

– Adorable. [Jason] We give him a hard time, but we get to play every week with the Michael Jordan of Poker [Chamath] Now he may not be 27-year-old Michael Jordan, He may actually be 52-year-old Michael Jordan. – Come on Phil, we’re almost there.

I want this more than you want this, I like you on top, come on baby! Poker Night in America tonight at Thunder Valley Resort, just outside of Sacramento. – [Chris] Imagine how much you’d be winning if the cards just (mumbles). – [Joe] Imagine how much I’d be winning if Alan didn’t get away with all the ace six against ace jacks all night. – [Chris] Yes, everyone, one day Phil Hellmuth will play in enough poker that the cards will eventually break even.

He just hasn’t played quite enough yet. – I feel like when this cash game is done, for those of us that aren’t playing tryna lose it all, go have one or 500 drinks. – [Joe] Come down! – How much, four?

– Alright. – I might play a turn as well. – Getting late in the evening, and so Hellmuth maybe getting a tad loosey-goosey. Holes of king, eight of spades.

– We’ll have plenty of sleep, we can sleep in. – [Joe] Yes, we’re all going out after this and you’re buying. You know, I’ve been out to dinner with Maria several times, and every single time she offers to pay, I let her.

Because I’m a feminist. – [Chris] That’s awfully big of you. Yeah, most people won’t let that happen. – I just happened to run into you! I had to practically beg you!

And by beg, I mean you were already there before I was. – [Joe] Scotty likes a drink. – [Rep] I only went out three nights all of Pisae, and she saw me plastered all three times.

– [Maria] Every night, every night. – [Rep] Not every night, three times. – [Maria] Every night that I saw you. Which, statistically speaking, makes me– – [Joe] Bad spot for Phil Hellmuth, top pair against an overpair.

– [Maria] Could have been all nights. – It really wasn’t, I promise. – [Joe] Man, he is gonna lead into this.

Doing Rep Porter’s job for him. – I was having so much fun, that last night– – [Joe] Will Rep call or will he pop it up? ♪ Pop pop popop pop – Was this the last night at Aura? – [Joe] You like that fella?

You like the way it goes pop pop popop pop in your mouth? – [Chris] Rep wants a little bit more money out of Phil, he raises it to 2700. – [Joe] Man, one of these days the cards will break even, Phil, one of these days. – [Chris] I wonder what the end of Phil Hellmuth’s glasses earpiece taste like? – [Joe] Gross. – [Chris] I mean I don’t wonder enough that I actually wanna taste it for myself.

– [Joe] I was gonna say, we could arrange that, I’m sure. – [Chris] Just speculating. Alright, what say you, Rep Porter? – [Joe] All river value!

How much would he sweet little bet! Gonna be tough for Phil to get away from this. C’mon Phil, here you go. – [Chris] Two aces. – [Joe] It’s always aces.

– [Chris] Oh, quiet Phil. Quiet Phil makes me sad, you almost feel bad for him. – [Joe] Almost.

– [Chris] No, I do, I’m serious this time. Look at ‘im. It feels so unfair (bleep). – [Joe] No wait, here we go.

(bleep) – Even I get the best hand sometimes. I’ve seen it, if I can do it, you can definitely do it, Rep. – [Joe] I think Scott Ball should continue to laugh, sitting right next to ‘im. – [Chris] Feels so unfair, my god.

– [Joe] Alright, here we go. Keep it coming. – [Chris] And you got the value bet on when the nine paired, which is very likely to have nine, 10 of hearts there.

– Well played. – Thank you. – [Joe] I don’t think he means it. – Champagne over there, are we out? – [Chris] Mike Ross raises with ace 10.

– We would take those and one more bottle. – [Chris] So much champagne at the table tonight. – [Joe] Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.

– [Phil] Oh maybe if you wanna try that, dude. So tilted today. Thank you.

It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. (bleep) hops a fence with five seven. Feels a little ridiculous. – [Joe] Alright, what have we got here?

Top pair for Bart, gut shot for Maria, up and down for Phil. Not enough hearts for Maria’s liking, though, she’s outta here. – [Chris] Ross bets 800, he gets a call from Hellmuth. – Is that 800?

– [Phil] I check. – [Joe] Top pair still good. – [Chris] If he can slide past the turn. – [Joe] Top pair’s still still good. Checks around.

Top two pair now good. – 2500. – [Joe] And Hellmuth, with no showdown value at all, is trying to steal this pot on the river, I don’t hate it. – [Chris] If somebody calls, he’s going to. – [Joe] That is absolutely true.

There’s no way Bart can fold. It’s really hard for him to be beat here, but he can’t raise either because the only hands that can call are hands that do have him beat. He’s got to worry just a bit though, because he’s not closing the action. – [Chris] Good call, he got it.

– [Joe] That’s tough to bluff, a guy who rivers top two. Sorry, Phil. Still waiting for those cards to break even.

(laughs) Phil, why?! – Stay tuned to find out who actually ended up a winner tonight. It’ll be okay. (coughing) It’s okay. – You know here’s the thing, we give him a hard time but we get to play every week with the Michael Jordan of poker.

And he really gives people tips and he cares a lot about it and I think at the end of the day the friendship means a lot to him. – He might not be 27 year old Michael Jordan, he may actually be 52 year old Michael Jordan but it’s still Michael Jordan and that means something. It’s a bless to have him in the game. – Yeah we love him. – We love him. – We love the Muth.

Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service, by Poker Night in America. Well, the day is over, but we’re not done. Let’s see who will and won’t be losing any sleep tonight. Day one comes to a close looking like this. The ups and downs of the world has Alan Richardson on top, with Mark Kroon on the bottom. And look at that, Bart Hanson, right in the middle.

Actually nice day for him, he started the day 12,000 down. – [Joe] Doing an awesome job Repping your family. Well, Day One from Thunder Valley is in the books, which would be great if I ever learned to read. – Yeah, he can’t even go to the website. But you can!

For more from Poker Night, visit, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and Twitch, for up to date information, full episodes, and unedited livestreams. From all of us here at Poker Night in America, thanks for watching. (bleep) Three, two.

– Come on, Phil, we’re almost there. I want this more than you want this, I like you on top, come on baby! – Dude. That’s really weird. Sorry. – Such a long pause, I just couldn’t handle it.

Alright, I’ll tone it down a little. – [Chris] Oh he’s gonna put this one in of course.