Unboxing God of Gamblers Chow Yun Fat / Andy Lau Figure Collectible

– Okay, more new toys for my collection. Here’s another unboxing video. We’re not unboxing just one box, we’re unboxing two boxes here. My two new toys from God of Gamblers. Now you may may not have heard of this movie, it’s a very well known, kinda old Chinese Hong Kong movie played by Chow Yun-fat, and also Andy Lau. Now in case you don’t know, Chow Yun-fat actually has stayed in this very unit for no not month before when he was coming to Vancouver, he stayed here like for months in this particular unit.

So, I think it’s kind of interesting, to unbox this toy of him in this unit in my penthouse. Now God of Gamblers is one of my favorite movies of all time when it comes to Hong Kong Movies. ‘Cause at the time, in my house, we had a VHS tape, that’s right. You know those.

Not DVD, not blu ray, VHS tape that we had. And we didn’t have that many movies at home back then so I would have watched this many, many, many times. I probably watched that movie 20, 30 times. Give me a dialogue, I could almost repeat just that next line.

So, it has impact me deeply about, enjoying the fact that character, that he played as the God of Gamblers. It’s almost like Godfather figure, if you watch Godfather, it’s a little bit like that. You see my hair, all like this. Right, It’s a little bit like a character you’ll see in the movie. So, let’s check this out. So let’s open this one .

So oh, I bout both are the same put together. So I guess this is pretty cool. This is like a chip from the casino. Right? You can see that? Right?

It has God a Gamblers in Chinese. And as you can see, beautiful new box and boom. Now you wonder what is this? This is actually Chow Yun-fat, This is the back for it took him from to his back.

‘Cause in the movie the God of Gamblers, Chow Yun-fat doesn’t want people, he doesn’t them to know who he is, that’s why he never takes a photo from the front. So that’s from the movie. Watch the movie. You know exactly what this photo’s about.

So that’s pretty cool. And you can see, this is nice. This is the stands which feels like, one of the cloth on the casino table, right? Again you can see the betting, the gambling chip, right there. And that’s the figure, this is Andy Lau. Now Andy Lau is one of the biggest stars in Asia for many, many decades now.

As you can see. Right? And this is the leather jacket that he wears in the movie. Even has a little gold watch. So that’s pretty interesting.

That is pretty interesting. It’s pretty, it’s actually pretty, pretty accurate. And then, lifting here, you also have, let’s see, you have, can you see this, the four aces. The four aces, that’s pretty cool. And the back, a mini pack of cigarette.

‘Cause in the movie he smokes this pack of cigarette. That’s pretty neat. The detail’s so well done, though. It’s very well done.

And then it’s got the little knife, you can see. Little knife. ‘Cause in the movie, he uses this as a weapon.

Actually closes up too. Look at that, look at that. And, Chow Yun-fat, how could it be a Chow Yun-fat movie without the double guns? You watch any of Chow Yun-fat’s movies, You know how they love the double guns, right there. And he even has a cool sunglasses.

Look at this. Does it work? Let me try this out. Oh wow! K, let’s see a second, put it on. Here we go.

Is that cool or what? That is pretty cool you gotta say, right? So that’s Andy Lau, right there. I’ll just put this back . And then of course, you have the main character.

Again, chip, right here, wow! Such a bigger box, I wonder what’s in it? Let’s see. Same thing.

Same kinda design. That’s nice, very nice. A brief case! Check this out! Does actually open?

Wow, it’s all the cash! Look at this! ‘Cause in the movie when he bets everything, look at this. It’s a pack a money. Look at this. This is cool.

This is very cool. It’s a bag of cash, you can see. And also, poker cards.

Oh! This is cool! You wonder what the hell is this? In the beginning of the movie, Chow Yun-fat was gambling with another Japanese gambler. And she is an expert at rolling the dice and this is the container that he would roll the dice in. That’s pretty cool.

All right, let’s check out Mr Chow Yun-fat, here. Look at that. Look at the hair cut, does that look similar? Does that look similar? That’s why I got my haircut cut from okay. Except I cut this side.

Check this out. This is actually pretty cool, I love this! Look at that! Wow, tuxedo, God of Gamblers, right there.

Now usually a box this big, there might be a surprise underneath, there is. There is a surprise underneath. And you have different kinds of hands, different kind of gestures. You have those, but let’s see what else is underneath.

Whoa! What is this? It’s got a chair! It is got a fucking chair! Wow, so that’s cool, we got the chair.

We got the table. We’ve got another coat, that he can wear. Oh!

There’s something else. There is something else. What is this? How can you have chair without a gambling table, with these? With these?

So somewhat, it will be a table, you put the money on here, you put the money on here, right? And you put the poker cards, and then you put the chair like that. Now this is pretty, pretty cool. I like it when I buy these toys, they’re not just a figure, but it comes with very nice accessories. When you set it up in the shelf or anything like that, it creates a more of an environment.

It looks really, really cool. You know someday, maybe I’ll show you and I’ll get a big place where it just be a little day lot museum, you like the idea? Comment below.

A little day lot museum. Put all my figures in there, laid everything in glass and just do the whole thing. What do you think? Comment below.

So there you go. There’s the God of Gambler’s figure, unboxing. Andy Lau and Chow Yun-fat. Comment below if you wanna to see more unboxing or you wanna see my other figure. But these are very special figures.

As you know, I like Ironman, Batman and Bruce Lee. But these are pretty special. These are not very common figures that you see.

Typically, everywhere else. It’s just things that are dear to my heart, again, something that I like from my childhood. So if you wanna see more, comment below